Thursday, June 18, 2020

NOIR MIX-4 – Per Different Jazz In My Room (DP-10004 / night mix-2020)

Noir MIX-4 / Per Different Jazz In My Room
(DP-10004 / 2020)
MIX de Nuit / Night MIX
CISM and Free Jazz shows from Montreal
Thursday Night or Friday Morning: 2 AM to 4 AM /
episodes of January 14, 2009. until December 28, 2012.
CISM 89.3 FM :: WWW.CISM893.CA
département jazz et nouvelles musiques de CISM /
department Jazz and New Music by CISM
Author by Francois Samson-Dunlop
Cover Design by vitkoArt / Noir MIX [graphics] by VITKO /2020

one lane:
04 - NOIR MIX-4Per Different Jazz In My Room ................................................. 122:16

"Noir MIX-4"...... Parts of the radio episodes "mix de nuit" (night mix), popular CISM and Free Jazz Shows from Montreal (CISM 89.3 FM) by François Samson-Dunlop were used. The episodes lasted from January 14, 2009 until December 28, 2012 and aired between 2 AM and 4 AM. I liked the concept very much and I followed it literally .... The characteristic of these soundtracks is that the music runs continuously for two hours without interruption, the tracks flow seamlessly from one to another with the perfect feeling of combining the artist and changing the tempo ...

.... A noir mix that disperses without ever getting lost.....

If you love yourself, pick this up...!


  1. 04 - NOIR MIX-4 – Per Different Jazz In My Room (DP-10004 / 2020)
    CISM 89.3 FM/MIX de Nuit/Night MIX+Artwork (988.15 MB)


  2. Many thanks for this latest Noir Mix.

  3. Thanks for this - I'd forgotten about MOPDTK!

  4. Thanks for the selection, Vitko!