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SOGENANNTES LINKSRADIKALES BLASORCHESTER ‎– Hört, Hört! (1977) / Mit Gelben Birnen (1980) - 2CD-Trikont

Label: Trikont – CD 0258-2
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation; Country: Germany - Released: 1999
Style: Brass Band, Big Band, Political
Mixed By – Heinz Weihe (tracks: 2-1 to 2-16), Ute Schatz (tracks: 2-1 to 2-16)
Recorded By – Clemenz Müller (tracks: 1-1 to 1-14, 2-2 to 2-4, 2-6), Dietram Köster (tracks: 2-7, 2-9, 2-12, 2-13), Franco Fabbri (tracks: 2-10, 2-11), Heinz Weihe (tracks: 2-1, 2-5), Helmut Fritz (2)(tracks: 2-14), Ute Schatz (tracks: 2-1, 2-5)
Recorded By [Vocals] – Rainer Hecht (tracks: 2-3)

SOGENANNTES LINKSRADIKALES BLASORCHESTER was a brass band formed in 1976, in Frankfurt, by HEINER GOEBBELS, ALFRED HARTH, CHRISTOPH ANDERS... in an attempt to reinforce artistically the left student movement demonstrations of that period. The band, designed mostly for live appearances, was consisting of about twenty musicians and played on stage, at the streets and in diverse political activities.
In spite of the circumstances of its birth, The So-Called Left Radical Brass Orchestra never was a preacher of left dogmatism. Their repertoire crossed the music history from baroque & classical period, early twentieth century to free-jazz and avant-garde, including original pieces, traditonal themes, covers of Hans Eisler, Frank Zappa etc.
Their interpretations were imaginative, inventive, uncompromised but not snobbish, eclectic, intellectual and yet very amusing - a channel for direct communication with the people.

SLB discography comprises the albums: "HÖRT HÖRT" (1977) and "MIT GELBEN BIRNEN" (1980)

 ''Hört, Hört!'' – Recorded july 1977. – (Trikont US-36)
1-1,3,5 and 1-14 are live recordings from a concert in 'dem Frankfurter Stadtteilkino 'Harmonie'', 11-07-1977.

1-1 Vorspiel und "Gedanken über die rote Fahne" (by Hanns Eisler)  2:52
1-2 Begleitung (by Rolf Riehm)  2:07
1-3 Tagesschau (by Alfred Harth, Heiner Goebbels, Rolf Riehm)  7:32
1-4 Ich bin halt die Kotze aus Deiner Glotze (''I'm the Slime'' by Frank Zappa)  2:37
1-5 Chickmatch-Blues (by Alfred Harth)   3:12
1-6 Die Fabriken und Stück (by Hanns Eisler, Rolf Riehm)  3:16
1-7 Circa  (by Heiner Goebbels)  5:17
1-8 Rote Sonne  (by Trad. Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)   2:23
1-9 Der Anwalt des Schreckens  (by Rolf Riehm, Lyrics by Peter Paul Zahl)   2:30
1-10 Ya no somos nosotros  (by Karaxu, Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)  1:37
1-11 La resistencia se organisa  (by Karaxu, Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)  4:54
1-12 Homesick-Blues  (by Rolf Riehm, Lyrics by Peter Paul Zahl)  3:28
1-13 Lied von der Gedankenfreiheit  (by Walter Mossmann)   1:50
1-14 Tschüs  (by Walter Kubiczek, Lyrics by Dieter Lietz)  1:33

''Mit Gelben Birnen'' – Recorded Sept. 1979 and August 1980. – (Trikont US-63)

2-1 Trotzalledem  (by Trad. Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)  3:47
2-2 Die Hügel von Ca'n Geroni  (by Rolf Riehm)   2:53
2-3 Hälfte des Lebens  (by Heiner Goebbels, Words by Friedrich Hölderlin)  2:36
2-4 Poema para el despertar de un niño  (by Johannes Eisenberg, Written by Cumbo, Rubio)   3:07
2-5 Ohne dass ich sagen würde, ich bin der neue Führer  ( Goebbels, Comp. by Hübner) 7:50
2-6 Präludium  (by Johann Sebastian Bach, Arranged by Rolf Riehm)  2:10
2-7 Einzugsmarsch  (''Enlightenment'' by Sun Ra, Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)  2:24
2-8 Zirkus  (by Rolf Riehm)   3:53
2-9 Baderkatalog   3:30
2-10 Großvater Stöffel  (by Hanns Eisler, Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht)   0:37
2-11 Trauermarsch  (by Willem Breuker)   3:11
2-12 O'Guarracino  (by Trad. Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)   4:52
2-13 Maschine   3:42
2-14 Kommet Ihr Hirten  (Composed by Trad.)  1:14
2-15 Verstandsaufnahme  (by Heiner Goebbels, Words by Erich Fried)   3:04
2-16 Poltergeist  (by Trad. Arranged by Heiner Goebbels)   2:33

SLB musicians:
Christoph Anders, Alfred Harth, Heiner Goebbels – tenor saxes
Henning Wiese, Rolph Riem, Barbara Muller-Rendtorff – alto saxes
Thomas Jahn, Gudrun Stocker, Cora Stefan – flutes
Volker Haas, Reinhard Bussmann, Herwig Heise, Walter Ybema – clarinets
Klaus Becker, Johannes Eisenberg, Gunther Lohr – trumpets
Michael Hoehler, Peter Lieser – trombones
Uwe Schriefer, Jorn Stuckrath – tubas
Ernst Stotzner – voice

This post has prepared my friend Herr -Otto- and here are some of his interesting notes:

Just in case you wonder about the titles of the original LPs: “Hört, hört!” is not equivalent to the (approving) “hear, hear!” used in US and British English but quite the opposite, more like an expression of outrage, as in: “I can’t believe what I just heard!” or, in John McEnroe’s words: “You can’t be serious, man!”

…and “mit gelben Birnen” is the first line of Hölderlin’s poem “Hälfte des Lebens” which was published in 1805 when Friedrich was 35. Apparently a full life span back then was considered 70 years (with some luck). Hölderlin himself exceeded that by 3 years, although most of his later years (after 1807) he spent in a psychologically unstable state in the town of Tübingen in a tower by the Neckar river. This tower is still now referred to as “der Hölderlinturm”.


posted by -Otto-

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  1. SOGENANNTES LINKSRADIKALES BLASORCHESTER ‎– Hört, Hört! (1977) / Mit Gelben Birnen (1980) - 2CD-Trikont-1999

    SLB - Hört, Hört! (1977)

    SLB - Mit Gelben Birnen (1980)

    PS. Zippyshare links, tomorrow.

    1. SLB - Hört, Hört! (1977) - Part 1.

      SLB - Hört, Hört! (1977) - Part 2.

      SLB - Mit gelben Birnen (1980) - Part 1.

      SLB - Mit gelben Birnen (1980) - Part 2.

  2. thanks for this joint-venture of early goebbels/harth stuff, Vitko and -Otto-!!


  3. Hölderlin was- in a way - the inventor of the prepared piano.
    He removed the strings of all tones/notes he didn't like - this happened during his time in the above mentioned tower.
    Thanks for posting this piece of history - ...

  4., onxidlib, it's kinda like Cage channeling Hölderlin? Did he possibly also get his inspiration for 4'33" from him?

    1. I doubt wether Cage was into channeling - rather into chance-ing.
      Maybe he got his inspiration for 4'33" simply by accident while doing nothing special?
      Of course Höderlin is not the inventor of the piano-preparation. Not in a historic sense or better not in an effective way.
      But there are 'always' precursors which doesn't affect the main stream of history. (A fine illustration of this point [and more] is Stanislaw Lem's review of the not existing book from Kuno Mlatje: Odysseus from Ithaka).

      Concerning music I'm pretty sure that improvisation was always practiced by musicians from all cultures through the ages.
      Wether they made already sounds similar to let's say John Butcher, Phil Wachsmann or John Edwards f.e. must be hidden in the past.
      At least as there's not a technique with which one would be able to unearth the sounds hidden in the groove's of an ancient potter's wheel....;-)

    2. my comment was intended tongue-in-cheek. But thank you for expanding on it. -Otto-

  5. This looks quite good Vitko! Thanks for this listen.

  6. incredible stuff! never had a chance to listen to good quality copies of these albums, i like the second one especially, many thanks, Otto and Vitko!


  7. A HUGE thank you for these GREAT albums .
    Expecting much better next ups from Goebbels, Harth , Anders etc i am obliged to thank you one more time for your efforts to inform every one interested in great musics & at the same time help obscure (?) music to find new listeners from younger age..

  8. Great as usual.

  9. As silly as it may seem i really love the political and social (often naive) idealism of those years and the message that went with the music. Thank you very much Vitko and Otto.

    1. chrisc, I concur with your take on the political background and political climate. I wish there were a little bit more activism of this kind nowadays. It may be futile, or affect very little, but...

  10. otto & chrisc got the point !
    i also concur

  11. I guess even now my favorite is "Rote Sonne" on the first LP. I think the upbeat feel is still enjoyable. And I like the "controlled cacophony" of "Rote Sonne" with "The Internationale" and "avanti popolo/bandiera rossa" thrown in there not only for good measure but also as an expression of being a non-dogmatic leftist group. If I recall correctly, "Rote Sonne" originated as an Irish tune but then became popular in Germany through Bruno Eck (he also has/had an LP with his songs on Trikont/Unsere Stimme). I do not remember all the words of his rather direct text, but the refrain/chorus went like this:

    Drum bin ich rot geworden,
    Denn rot sein, das ist schön.
    Mit der roten Sonne im roten Herz
    Können wir nicht untergeh'n!

    We wish, eh? If any of you ever had the chance to watch the Cohn-Bendit mini-series on German and French TV "Nous l'avons tant aimée la révolution" / "Wir haben sie so geliebt, die Revolution" (we were so much in love with the revolution), or if you have just lived through the aftermath of the 70s, you know what happened with plenty of the former "Revoluzzer."

  12. Dummy that I am, the text to "Rote Sonne" is in the booklet on page 18... Weitersingen!

  13. Und weil's so schön war, a little tidbit from the "Szene" in Hamburg around that time: The idea of the SLB marching band caught on in other (West-)German cities as well. There were many rallies that I remember from that time in Hamburg that had its own version of the Frankfurt SLB: "Tuten und Blasen" (meaning, literally, tooting and blowing, referring to the brass as well as the woodwinds). For people in the German-speaking parts of Europe, this has its own connotation, because a dilettante is often referred to as someone who "keine Ahnung von Tuten und Blasen hat" (has no clue about proper tooting and blowing). But, hey, we sure had fun!

  14. Tuten und Blasen. They are still around in Hamburg. They all look like friendly "Rentners" now but still perform (in a mellower tone). Here's their website:
    (natürlich auch auf Deutsch)

  15. And now zero has posted Bruno Eckardt, aka Eck, on his blog. Trikont Unsere Stimme US-0068: "Lieder gegen Angst und Unterdrückung" (1980)

    Check it out. Splendid-sounding MP3s plus nice homemade CD covers and LP scans.

  16. Vielen Dank für die Informationen -Otto-.

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing the SLB albums. What a pleasure!

  18. Thanks for all this Goebbels stuff! Marvelous!

  19. The 2nd album: "Mit gelben Birnen (1980)", link has expired! Could you please re-up it for me?