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ITARU OKI TRIO – Satsujin-Kyoshitsu (LP-1970) - ( 沖至トリオ - 殺人教室 )

Label: Jazz Creaters – JC-1
Format: Vinyl, LP; Country: Japan - Released: 1970
Style: Free Jazz
Recorded in Tokyo, February 1970.
(Album title is read as "Satsujin Kyoshitsu"; usually translated as "Homicide Classroom".
English translations for the title "Homicide Classroom" and for track B2 - "Eternal Lyric" were given on the obi of this release, but not on this LP.)
Recording Engineer by – Kinji Hayashi
Produced, Liner Notes by  Teruto Soejima (see note)
Photography by – Katsuyuki Oda
Design by – Nobuo Umemori

A1 - 水との会話 "Aporia" . . . 12:09
A2 - 図形的発展 "Spectral" . . . 7:04
B1 - 空間の飛翔 "Papilio" . . . 11:13
B2 - 永遠の詩 "Eternal Lyric" . . . 5:20

ITARU OKI – trumpet, fluegelhorn, cowbell, triangle, bells, Indian bells, wood block, backet trumpet
KEIKI MIDORIKAWA – bass, piano, gong
HOZUMI TANAKA – drums, gongs, timpani

This album is now almost impossible to obtain, so it is my pleasure to present it here. Enjoy!

Teruto Soejima, Tokyo, Japan
Jazz critic, producer, film artist, at DUG in Shinjuku
Probably the one person who introduced Japanese Free Jazz to European audiences.

As Producer - Outside Japan:
Since 1979, has produced and organized overseas performances by over 30 Japanese performing arts groups (jazz, Japanese traditional music, avant-garde theater, etc.). These include three European tours (in 1998, 2000, and 2002) by the jazz orchestra Shibusashirazu; a concert in Germany (in 1995) by the shakuhachi player Hozan Yamamoto; and a tour of Russia and Lithuania (in 1992) by the improvisational music trio Ton Klami.
2006 - Served as art director of the five-day festival "Jazz in Japan 2006" in Paris, France.

In Japan:
Has organized such events as the 14-day free jazz festival Inspiration and Power (in 1974 and 1976), the Pan Music Festival '82, and the Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Japan Tour (in 1996).

I recommend his books:
Gendai Jazz no Choryu [Currents in Contemporary Jazz] (1994)
Nihon Free Jazz-shi [The History of Japanese Free Jazz] (2002)

If you find it, buy this album!


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    1. the new link on this one is already dead. thanks for all the re ups and for putting them in a list. that is very helpful. thanks for all yr research as well.

    2. The new, correct link:

      ITARU OKI TRIO – Satsujin-Kyoshitsu (LP-1970)
      Vinyl Rip - FLAC + Artwork

  2. Thank you. This really is very intriguing and unusual album for me, the Japanese are my great discovery. All the best Vitko.

  3. Thank Vitko, another brilliant LP.


  4. This is wonderful music! The album is quite easy to get through Improvised Music from Japan (including English speaking communication with Cathy Fishman).
    Go to to see the CD.
    For ordering go to (scroll until "Bridge" Records - BRIDGE-061).
    Order instructions you'll find here >

  5. This CD Shop in any case will be of benefit to anyone who would like to be a little more to engage in research Improvised Music from Japan.

  6. One of the earliest free jazz players and albums from Japan. Itaru has a fantastic new cd of a live recording of trumpet and flugelhorn solos, just out on There is another album from around 1970 by the trio, Trumpet In Modern Jazz, with some contributions by Kohsuke Mine on sax and Takeshi Kamachi on piano. Wonderful album. It was put out as part of a box set of LPs for people with Toshiba hifi systems. Never seen on CD. They have a side of music on a split LP with Yosuke Yamashita, Trio By Trio + 2, which was reissued on CD by Think! Records a few years ago.

  7. Thank you Nick on this information.

  8. thanks for this japanese bonanza

  9. Anyone have ITARU OKI "SHIRASAGI" - it was on another blog in flac for a min but now gone - supposedly reissued on CD but not seen / nor I can find it... same group as this though seems to be more of an emphasis on percussion - speaking of which also looking for Family of Percussion with Archie Shepp album - only on CD in Japan a long time ago...

    1. ITARU OKI – Shirasagi (LP-1974)
      1fichier (FLAC):

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  11. Vitko, Itaru Oki is one of those great players I only just found.... You may also color me interested! Thanks for your great work!

  12. Hi, could we have a new link please? Thank you so much for all of this great music.