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SZABADOS QUARTET – Az Esküvő / The Wedding (LP-1975)

Label: Hungaroton/Pepita – SLPX 17475
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album; Country: Hungary - Released: 1975
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
MHV recording; Side A: 1974, Side B: 1973, Hungary
Artwork By [Design] – Imre Kolma
Engineer [Recording Engineer] – Endre Radányi
Photography – László Fejes
Producer [Musical Producer] – Dóra Antal

Rare Hungarian LP, Szabados Quartet - The Wedding  (Hungaroton SLPX 17475, 1975) it's first Szabados recording and represents a truly masterwork.

A1 - Az Esküvő
A2 - Improvisatio - Zongora - Hegedű Duó (Duo For Piano And Violin)
B1 - Miracle
B2 - Szabó Irma Vallatása (The Interrogation Of Irma Szabó)

György Szabados – piano, zither
Lajos Horváth – violin, double bass
Sándor Vajda – double bass
Imre Kőszegi – drums, percussion

György Szabados (13 July 1939 – 10 June 2011) was a Hungarian jazz pianist, and is sometimes referred to as the "father" or "unofficial king" of the Hungarian free jazz movement since the 1960s.

Szabados was born in Budapest. Even though he started performing in 1962, his rise to fame is generally considered to have started with his quintet winning the renowned San Sebastian Jazz Festival Grand Prize in the free jazz category in 1972. His first album that was recorded with a quartet in 1975 was entitled Wedding. Despite the abstraction of the music, the record was well received in Hungary and abroad, thereby setting the scene for his subsequent albums. International recognition is probably noted by including the album in The Essential Jazz Records compiled by Max Harrison, Eric Thacker and Stuart Nicholson (Volume 2: Modernism to Postmodernism). Even though he could not record again until 1983, he maintained his status by establishing the Kassák Workshop for Contemporary Music, in which a new generation of musicians acquired a free and intuitive manner of playing jazz, with a distinct Hungarian sound. Generally, his collaborators would make up the next generation of Hungarian jazz, including acclaimed saxophone player Mihály Dresch. Further international recognition followed in the 1980s, through his collaboration with Anthony Braxton on their duo record Szabraxtondos. In Hungary, he proceeded to form MAKUZ, or the Royal Hungarian Court Orchestra, which membership varied, but always consisted of at least nine musicians that were committed to free, improvised music. Subsequently, he still collaborated with Roscoe Mitchell on their 1998 record Jelenés (Revelation) and again with Braxton and Vladimir Tarasov this time for the live recording Triotone. He was awarded the Kossuth Prize, the most prestigious cultural award in Hungary, in 2011 by the President of Hungary. He died in Nagymaros on 10 June 2011.

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  2. Free Jazz on the zither. I've gotta check it out. Thanks, Vitko!

    1. Hi -Otto-,
      If you like it, let me know, I've got some more surprises :)

    2. Somewhere between Bela Bartok and Billy Bang. Pretty interesting listening experience. (I'm currently on track B1). Szabados himself has a certain affinity with Ganelin. That's probably why he (Szabados) collaborated with Tarasov too. Let this kind of music flow! Thanks again.

  3. Wonderful record by a wonderfully idiosyncratic and highly underappreciated musician. His unique vision of free jazz surely deserves to be better known. The mohaoffbeat blog has plenty of Szabados recordings ( but sadly most of the links are now inactive but anyone interested can still get Jelenes, his stunning collaboration with Roscoe Mitchell. Thank you very much Vitko for another gem.
    P.S. i'm definitely intrigued by the surprises you mentioned.

    1. Thank you for the information chrisc, damages for dead links, may be some of Mohaoffbeat blog-team read this and re-activate links, there would be found a lot of good things. And with surprises we have to go slowly, you know, good wine is packed in a small bottles:)

  4. for some reason, this file wouldn't open for me- i downloaded it but when i went to unzip, it was empty. anyone else have this problem? is there another mp3 link for this wonderful album?

    1. The FLAC archive worked fine for me. Make sure that the DL didn't stall and is incomplete. The mp3 version should be 96.4 MB. If the mp3 doesn't work, try the flac archive and then downsample if need be. The RAR of the FLAC version should be 225.4 MB.

    2. Just grabbed and checked the mp3 version. No problem whatsoever. All's fine. Anonymous, just try a re-download.

    3. I checked everything and there are no problems. Try to download a little later, it is certainly a fleeting nuisance. Regards.