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Label: FMP – FMP 0940
Format: Vinyl, LP; Country: Germany - Released: 1982
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded live on September 7th 1980, during the 8th Wuppertaler Free Jazz Workshop
Design by Peter Kowald
Photography By – Unknown Artist
Producer – Jost Gebers, Peter Kowald
Recorded By – Jost Gebers

A1 - Improvisation I (Charig/Rutherford/Poore/Brötzmann/Parker/
        Trovesi/Wachsmann/Van Hove/Kowald/Sommer) . . . 5:50
A2 - Fantale (Evan Parker) . . . 9:31
A3 - Bones and wishes (Phil Wachsmann) . . . 6:13
B1 - Improvisation II (Charig/Rutherford/Poore/Brötzmann/Parker/
        Trovesi/Wachsmann/Van Hove/Kowald/Sommer) . . . 10:05
B2 - The Family (Fred Van Hove) . . . 11:35

Marc Charig - trumpet, alto horn
Paul Rutherford - trombone, euphonium
Melvyn Poore - tuba
Peter Brötzmann - saxophones & clarinets
Evan Parker - soprano & tenor saxophone
Gianluigi Trovesi - saxophones & clarinets
Philip Wachsmann - violin
Fred Van Hove - piano
Peter Kowald - double bass
Günter Sommer - drums

This short-lived all-star assemblage of European talent only released one LP, and this is it! A large group that wears its size lightly, there is a lot of space for solos and smaller group work, while also allowing for some tremendously beautiful, all-in crescendos. And don't let the "workshop" of the title lead you astray: this is a band with a full understanding of the repertoire, and complete command of the material. Come join The Family!

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If you find it, buy this album!


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  2. Too bad they couldn't find anyone good for this band. :)

  3. Who can argue with an all-star line-up like this?! Thank you Vitko for another excellent record.

  4. Buy it here:

  5. Wonderful! Listening to Improvisation II right now - can't keep the smile from my face. Thanks Vitko.

  6. Hey Vitko . . . my impression is much the same as the others who have commented. This just looks SCARY good!