Friday, October 18, 2013

HENRY THREADGILL TRIO – New AIR In Rankweil, Austria (Live-1986)

Label: Private recording / DP-0775 [bootleg]
Format: CD, Album - Released: 1986 
Style: Free Improvisation
Recording live at Rankweil, March 19, 1986, Austria
Design by ART&JAZZ Studio, by VITKO
Henry Threadgill presents his fellow group members after 3 and 5

1. Unidentified title [15:20] 
2. Unidentified rag [11:08] 
3. G.v.E. (Hopkins) [17:22] 
4. Unidentified title [10:58] 
5. Through a Keyhole Darkly (Threadgill) [15:28] 
6. The Traveller (Threadgill) [11:02] 
7. Sir Simpleton (Threadgill) [9:08]

Henry Threadgill - alto sax; flute (1)
Fred Hopkins - bass
Andrew Cyrille - drums

New drummer Andrew Cyrille brought a fresh approach and crackling edge to the trio Air on this 1986 live date, recorded at the Rankweil, Austria. 

From Air via New Air to Flute Force Four, Threadgill growing in confidence as a composer. By the time of the later disc by Threadgill’s Very Very Circus ensemble his capability as an organiser of human resources in the pursuit of a steely personal vision is fully formed. Everything that has come since is a refinement of that very personal means of expression. Where Air is an extension of Threadgill’s involvement with AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians). 

„NEW AIR in Rankweil “ represent the complete recorded legacy of New Air, a trio in which Andrew Cyrille took over from Pheeroan akLaff on the Air drum stool. It’s interesting how much more direct the music becomes, and it’s not clear whether that’s down to Cyrille, or Threadgill assuming for the first time the role of band leader and sole composer. 

This is certainly one of the more interesting Threadgill performances in Europe with the new setting Air. 

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  1. HENRY THREADGILL TRIO – New AIR In Rankweil (Live-1986)

    Game Front:


  2. Thanks for such an interesting concert, I haven't heard much of Threadgill, looking forward to this.
    Cheers from Madrid, Spain

  3. Many thanks. This line-up always gives enjoy.

  4. I Don't have this one, sounds great !
    Thanks vitko.

    For comparison you can check out the following New Air album -

    New Air - Live at Montreal International Jazz Festival (1983):


    1. Thanks Uri.
      This album was also a milestone in the work of the group.
      The album was the first release to feature akLaff who replaced original Air drummer Steve McCall following his death.

  5. I never knew that Andrew Cyrille played in this group. I'm excited. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Andrew Cyrille is kept very short, the first recorded appearance, that I know, he was with a band of March 14, 1986 in Hofheim, Germany, and in this Rankweil, Austria, a few days later. Throughout the 1986 they played together, but I have no information on where and when.

      If anyone knows more, please, write a few words.


  6. Very nice Vitko! Many thanks.

  7. Thank you! Interesting opening track - Cyrille playing rock! New to me!

  8. thanks; it's a surprise (& a pleasure) to discover Andrew Cyrille in this group.

  9. I just had a chance to listen to this. Fantastic! I wish that this version of Air would have recorded more.

  10. Thanks for posting this. Has anyone else had problems with track #3? I keep getting an incomplete file. Thanks.

    1. There were no problems. I think it's a coincidence. Try again later.

    2. Thanks Vitko. It must have been a connection error. Sounds great!!