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PARKER / GUY / LYTTON – Imaginary Values - Nine Improvisations (1994)

Label: Maya Recordings – MCD9401
Format: CD, Album; Country: Switzerland - Released: 1994
Style: Free Improvisation, Free Jazz
Recorded on 22 March 1993 live at the Red Rose Club, London
Performer: Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton
Liner Notes By – Francesco Martinelli (English), Bert Noglik (German)
Producer By – Barry Guy, Maya Homburger

TRIO Parker/Guy/Lytton
... twenty years later

"Imaginary Values by the trio – nominally Parker's but in practice collective – that gave us 1990's fiery Atlanta set on Impulse. The nine improvisations here are more compact but no less high-voltage: bright sonic canvasses on which texture, tone-colour and dynamic flow are major parts of the interactive mix. The players' scrupulous respect for nuance plus their incredible speed of response bespeak a group sensibility that has matured over time and is celebrated here in a space alive with joyful interplay. Free jazz at its highly-evolved best."

"... This is a group that in many ways, represents the epitome of European collective free improvisation. The three players are each masters of their instruments and, more importantly, astute listeners. Lytton's crackling, multi-hued percussion; Guy's currents of resonant wood and scraped, plucked, bowed and beaten strings; and Parker's micro tonal, snaking reed reverberations meld into a unified whole. These three have refined the sax, bass, drums trio into an organic unit where all three are truly equals, their collective lines intricately enmeshed and coiled around each other in a skein of thrilling complexity ..."

This could be interesting to know:

TRIO Parker/Guy/Lytton 
Technical rider 

1 small table for bows, brushes, sticks (Barry Guy)

Amplifier: one bass amp and 15" speaker (or combo) of very good quality e.g. Hartke or Gallien Krüger, SWP or Trace Elliott.

1 Jazz Drum kit (important: NOT rock & roll kit) for Paul Lytton

Snare drum and stand, 12" small tom tom, 14" large tom tom, 18" Bass Drum (with front head), 3 cymbal stands, hi-hat, drum stool, bass drum pedal. Drums must have Remo Ambassador Heads or similar NOT oil filled heads.

If the venue is supportive of acoustic music, the trio will only need amplification for the bass. Otherwise PA system with monitors for the three musicians plus microphone for Parker etc.

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  1. PARKER / GUY / LYTTON – Imaginary Values - Nine Improvisations (1994)


  2. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful piece of music!
    Cheers from Madrid, Spain

  3. Hey Vitko . . . Evan & Co. Must check this out. When I listen to these guys it always helps me to try to imagine I am watching it happen. Maybe that's what intelligent people do when they listen to ANY music . . . I dunno. Thanks!