Friday, July 25, 2014

THE HUMAN ARTS ENSEMBLE – The Human Arts Ensemble Live Vol. II (LP-1978)

Label: Circle Records – RK 23578/12
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album; Country: W. Germany - Released: 1978
Style: Free Jazz
Recorded live in "De Groote Luxe", Tilburg, Holland, May 23, 1978
Photography By [Back Cover] – H. L. Lindenmaier
Photography By [Front Cover] – Günter Voss
Recorded By, Design, Photography By – John Lindberg
Producer – Rudolf Kreis

A1 - Sequence . . . 13:20
A2 - Tiburg Centre . . . 6:56
B1 - Ectodorph . . . 7:30
B2 - Ballad . . . 7:45
B3 - Concere Natashiah . . . 9:23

Joseph Bowie – trombone
James Emery – guitar
Charles Bobo Shaw – drums

Very rare vinyl copy of The Human Arts Ensemble Live.

This is the second part of the concert, The Human Arts Ensemble at "De Groote Luxe", Tilburg, Holland, May 23, 1978, setup is now changed and we will enjoy the trombone bravura Joseph Bowie and totally distortions guitar James Emery and, of course, drums Charles Bobo Shaw. The sound is a bit dry, raw, powerful, stripped down to the core and strongly emotional interpretation. Prepare and enjoy it.

The first part of the concert you can search here:

If you find it, buy this album!


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    1. New link:

      THE HUMAN ARTS ENSEMBLE - The Human Arts Ensemble Live Vol. II (LP-1978)
      Vinyl Rip + Artwork


  2. yeaaah! really glad you made it! James Every diverts much of attention on his playing here and he's a real guitar wiz, Bobo Shaw and Joseph Bowie do also very fine job respectively in this no-sax conjunction, pretty solid stuff, thanks much, Vitko!


  3. Excellent gift for this week's end! Many thanks, Vitko! Really rarity!

  4. Thanks for this listen Vitko! It does appear to be QUITE rare indeed!

  5. Thanks for this one and the link to Vol. I. I overlooked the previous post. Thanks, Vitko!

  6. thanks for vol 2, vitko - much appreciated!!!

    cheers, lucky

  7. same thing is happen with this links....can you please re post this part of this magnific album
    THX !.....

  8. I really love this special trio. Thanks!