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Label: hat ART – hat ART CD 6149
Series: Hat Jazz Series –
Format: CD, Album: Country: Switzerland - Released: 1994
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Digital tracks recording on May 1-3, 1990 at Radio DRS, Zurich.
Design [Graphic Concept] – Ecke Bonk
Engineer – Peter Pfister
Liner Notes – Art Lange
Photography By – Max Kellenberger
Producer – Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger

Lines is a trio that comprises of Swiss saxophonist Urs Leimgruber, Austrian bassist Adelhard Roidinger, & Swiss percussionist Fritz Hauser. On this document the aesthetics of the free approach in an egoless, commutative matter in which is both enthralling & difficult. All 7 pieces are of collective entities of their own.

The disc begins with “Open” an instant composition which presents melodic invention, rhythmic openings & walking bass lines. This piece showcases the entire trio with given solo space: an entire trio discourse, a drum & bass dialogue,  a concise drum solo & reuniting the trio with swirling madness. Everything is indeed “open.”

Shifted is an epic piece which explores “shifting” moods, textures & rhythms. At first, Hauser places emphasis on riding his cymbal with simple quarter notes, sporadic tom fills & light cymbal crescendos. Then he would play with his shaker & small percussion. Roidinger switches from playing Arco (bowing) to pizzicato. Leimgruber as well shifts from playing altissimo, screechy notes, to beautifully lyrical phrases. There is even a brief section of the piece where they play quite harmoniously. The piece would then conclude with a crescendo of Arco bass, altissimo saxophone & subtle percussion.

“Off” is an excellent example of “call and response” improvisation. The trio now focuses on staccato, disjointed playing of quick arpeggios, plucks & rapid percussion.

The aptly titled “Twisted” exemplifies a sort of approach as it appears the musicians are twisting their instruments from the inside out by the endless flow of notes & rhythms.

“Forgotten” is something of a “free ballad” if you wish to consider it. Leimgruber now switches to his tenor. (the only tenor piece on the album) It is a very gentle piece; perhaps the most accessible on the album considering he accentuates his playing in a very lyrical manner, avoiding anything in the high registers. This piece also displays Roidinger’s walking bass at a more coherent volume & Hauser’s brilliant brushwork. It is a busy piece, but never pretentious.

Another aptly titled piece; “Up” demonstrates ascension of notes from the saxophone, the swinging bass line, and the swift eighth note rides on the cymbal.

“Red” opens with light cymbal crescendos and agile brushwork; along with a slow tempi bass & lyrical soprano saxophone. The group maintains a soft, piano dynamic with a slight shift in the volume of the saxophone & the percussion, but concludes with the original given dynamic.

This excellent recording of this trio presents an ideal introduction to the various works of these musicians.

(Teenbeat, Aug 23 2005)

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  2. I remember Roidinger from his album with Yamashita on enja. Thank you, Vitko!

    1. - and I remember him from the Braxton trio record with Tony Oxley. Obviously *Talent Deserving Wider Recognition* (as they used to say).

  3. Thank you Vitko. Urs Leimgruber is always interesting.

  4. Thanks for this Vitko. I have heard only a little Roidinger on ECM. Liked his style.

    1. Otto, chrisc, Steve........I want you to feel good.