Sunday, October 21, 2012

In memory of

DAVID SPENSER WARE (November 7, 1949 – October 18, 2012)

Glory to you Mr. S. Ware, and thank you for decades of enjoyment in your music.
From you I learned a lot.


  1. DAVID S. WARE – Live at Saalfelden/99

    The kidney transplant in May. And David S. Ware shows that at that time, already recovered from the medical disorder. In issue 16 of the last day of The New York Times, Susan Dominus said the return of saxophonist on stage, which occurred on the night of Thursday, the 15th, at Abrons Arts Center (Manhattan). Follows the story of Susan: "Just after 8 pm, he Appeared onstage, gray-bearded, in a purple tunic and a cap, walking slowly and unsteadily with his cane. He looked like a frail, aging king, until he lifted his instrument to his mouth and let loose, for close to an hour, the torrent of wailing, soaring and trilling sounds, every one of Them defiant and unexpected. "Unfortunately the great quartet led by Ware for nearly two decades (William Parker on bass; Matthew Shipp on piano, plus drummer (the sticks changed hands a few times)) _ao less ended in 2007 left several recordings so that we can enjoy its refined sonority ... Live, David S. Ware Quartet has always sought to recreate and expand their creations, exploring new elements at the time stage. Of official live albums, in 2005 the group released the triple album Live in the World, which brings together presentations made between 1998 and 2003. In 2007, he released Renunciation, recording 18 June 2006, made the XI Vision Festival in New York, which brings the final formation of the quartet: Besides Ware, Shipp and Parker, Guillermo E. Brown in Bateira. It is this training that we can enjoy on Live at Jazz Festival Saalfelden, Austria. The show, captured on August 29, 99, it was never officially released. The sequence shown here is:

    1 - Aquarian Sound (25:29)
    2 - Lexicon (14:01)
    3 - The Way We Were I (04.02)
    4 - The Way We Were II (06.31)

    Tenor Saxophone - David S. Ware
    Piano - Matthew Shipp
    Bass - William Parker
    Drums - Susie Ibarra

    Live at Saalfelden/99

  2. It's a real tragedy to lost such incredible musician. RIP!
    We'll remember him always

  3. Very sad new dear Vitko, one of the great dies. RIP David.
    regards, Kike.

  4. Sergio Kike,
    I salute you and wish all the best.

  5. Very sad news, may he rest in peace and have glory for all the beautiful music he gave to the world.
    His legacy will be with us forever.