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SCOTT CUTSHALL – Zyphoid Process (1994)

CMP Records; CMP CD 76 
(P) (C) 1996 CMP Records GMBH 
Recorded: June 1994; Released: 1996, Germany
Recorded by Kent Heckman at Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA, June 1994 
Assistant Engineer: Jessica Everett
Produced by Scott Cutshall, Dave Liebman, Russ Lossing and Tony Marino
Associate Producer: Lesli Cutshall
Art and design for CMP by Ulf v.Kanitz / Photo of Scott Cutshall by Jim Gaffney

„Law Years “ is dedicated to my first mentor – Floyd Williams Jr., 2 April 1929 – 18 January 1994.
(Scott Cutshall)

1. Zyphoid Process (20:53) [S.Cutshall, R.Lossing, T.Marino]
2. Law Years (9:03) [Ornette Coleman]
3. Poetics (14:42) [S.Cutshall, D.Liebman, R.Lossing, T.Marino]
4. Dear Lord (7:42) [John Coltrane]

Musicians :
Scott Cutshall : drums, percussion
Dave Liebman : soprano saxophone on 3,4
Russ Lossing : piano
Tony Marino : bass

"If you work with great musicians, you get great results," Cutshall said. "I feel very fortunate to be able to do this."

Linear Notes:

Scott did the „RIGHT THING “!! He let the musicians just play – no words, no directions, no attitude – just make music. The result is three and four musicians talking DIRECTLY with each other, rather than a specific piece of music acting as the subject of discussion. In other words, no intermediary „thing “ as a reference point. All each of us had was the moment and the other people playing. After all, isn't that the point of improvisation? 
However, when there was a piece of music, what could be lovelier than one of the most simple diatonic, melodic/harmonic combinations ever written by one of the most sophisticated and complex musicians who ever lived? ... - ... John Coltrane’s prayer – „Dear Lord “ . 


By David Liebman

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