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Label: BV Haast Records – BVHAAST 041/042
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album; Country: Netherlands - Released: 1981
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded at M.C.R. Studio Amersfoort, Holland, April 21th, 22th and May 6th 1981
Composed By – Henk de Jonge (tracks: C2), Unico Wilhelm graaf van Wassenaer (tracks: D1a-d), Willem Breuker (tracks: A1 to B5, D2), Willem van Manen (tracks: C1)
Cover Draving By – Ariane Gscheidle

Simply put, this is the finest album ever released by the Willem Breuker Kollektief as a jazz tentet (as opposed to the repertory ensemble they later became). In Holland contains the most creative orchestrations, and the most thrilling solo work by the Kollektief, and ranks among the best jazz albums of the '80s. Two of the songs here ("Tango Superior/Interruptie" and "To Be With Louis P.") were released on the compilation disk The Parrot, but the remainder were only available on vinyl as of 2001. 

The first record of this two-LP set is essentially designed as a suite, beginning with a powerful overture, and continuing on through an uproarious tango featuring a comically frustrated Breuker on alto, a drunkenly careening showcase for the brilliant trumpeter Boy Raaymakers, a loving homage to Prokofiev, and a fleeting reference to Wagner. Altoist Bob Driessen soloing never sounded better, and the driving bass work of the invaluable Arjen Gorter causes one's jaw to drop. Next comes "To Be With Louis P.," a surging R&B number with Breuker in the hilarious role of sleazy lounge singer who nonetheless matches Maarten van Norden's wondrous tenor sax shouting note for note. 

The second LP consists of four compositions, including a concertino by an obscure 17th century Swiss composer, and a ferocious reel called "Hopsa, Hopsa" that builds up, morphs, and goes bananas. It's an album highlight, featuring a breathtaking performance by WBK, and composed by the newcomer (who'd stick around) pianist Henk de Jonge. Also included is one of Breuker's most beautiful and moving compositions, "Marche Funèbre" (from his musical production De Vuyle Wasch, or 'Dirty Laundry'), whose themes are at once rich, somber, romantic, and inspired. Though the group lost quite a bit of freshness after the mid-'80s, In Holland qualifies as an extraordinary record by one of the most creative and enjoyable jazz ensembles to have emerged from Europe.


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  1. WILLEM BREUKER KOLLEKTIEF – In Holland (2LP-1981)
    Vinyl Rip – MP3@320+Artwork



  2. Wow Vitko! I have only had time to listen to the first seconds of these offerings and it is apparent that this is AMAZING! Again . . . where to you find this stuff? This is not the sort music you just stumble across in West Texas! Here today it
    is about 15 degrees F which is way below zero C. It is so nice to have new and totally unknown music to warm things up here on the icy South Plains! Many thanks Vitko . . . where approximately do you live? Europe? Eastern Europe? Maybe you are observing all this from Saturn? Whatever, please keep it up!!!

    1. Ha, ha, ha ... you've given me a better mood Steve, today I had a pretty shitty day. By the way, I did not know that in Texas can be so cold.
      I otherwise live in the heart (in the center) of good old Europe, all around me, in a short distances, is everything that makes me happy. But of course, with all this beautiful, coming sometimes "topsy turvy" days.


  3. Thanks for posting this, Vitko!
    I just found your nice blog and am catching up with your posts about great musicians now.
    Steve, if you're looking for great interesting jazz music in Texas, come to Austin
    sometime where members of The Creative Opportunity Orchestra and WBK come to play!

    1. Not a bad album. Vitko, if you're interested in some older BVHaast, you know who to ask.

  4. hi vitko & otto,
    after listening to about 90 % of willem breuker discography i fully agree with brian olewnick. for me "in holland" is simply the best willem breuker kollektief album. when i read otto's comment i thought to ask him for some early kollektief albums, released on vinyl only and so far not posted yet in the blogland. i mean the four albums :
    1. twenty minutes in the life of bill moons - de achterlijke klokkenmaker - bvhaast 006, rec. 1973-74
    2. muziek in amsterdam - bvhaast wonderful world 502, rec. 1980
    3. gershwin - breuker - morricone - rhapsody in blue - bvhaast 044, rec. 1982
    4. stroman and trawanten - ariola 302.361, 2 lp set, rec. 1984
    otto, if you have any of the above, could you be so kind and post them on the main page as i think many breuker fans will be happy to listen to these vinyls.
    many thanks in advance.

    best regards.

    1. Paul, if you contact me (see profile), I may be able to help out with 1 and 4.

  5. Beautiful music Vitko. Thanks!

  6. The 17th century composer who is been covered on "in Holland" is not Swiss but also Dutch. Unico graef Willem van Wassenaer. In Holland was the last great WBK album but my top favourite studio album is Summer Music.