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PETER BRÖTZMANN, HAN BENNINK, ALBERT MANGELSDORFF – Live In Quasimodo, Berlin, January 14, 1985 (Set1 / Set2 on 2CD)

Private recording/DP-0803
Format: CD, Album; Released: 1985
(Set1 / Set2 on 2CD)
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded live in Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany, on January 14, 1985. 
Design by ART&JAZZ Studio Salvarica
Artwork and Complete Design by VITKO

Self-taught on clarinets, he soon moved to saxophones and began playing swing/bebop, before meeting Peter Kowald. During 1962/63 Brötzmann, Kowald and various drummers played regularly - Mingus, Ornette Coleman, etc. - while experiencing freedoms from a different perspective via Stockhausen, Nam June Paik, David Tudor and John Cage. In the mid 1960s, he played with American musicians such as Don Cherry and Steve Lacy and, following a sojourn in Paris with Don Cherry, returned to Germany for his unorthodox approach to be accepted by local musicians like Alex von Schlippenbach and Manfred Schoof.

The trio of Peter Brötzmann, Peter Kowald and Sven-Ake Johansson began playing in 1965/66 and it was a combination of this and the Schoof/Schlippenbach Quintet that gave rise to the first Globe Unity Orchestra. Following the self-production of his first two LPs, For Adolphe Sax and Machine gun for his private label, BRÖ, a recording for Manfred Eicher's 'Jazz by Post' (JAPO) [Nipples], and a number of concert recordings with different sized groups, Brötzmann worked with Jost Gebers and started the FMP label. He also began to work more regularly with Dutch musicians, forming a trio briefly with Willem Breuker and Han Bennink before the long-lasting group with Han Bennink and Fred Van Hove. As a trio, and augmented with other musicians who could stand the pace (e.g. Albert Mangelsdorff on, for example, The Berlin concert), this lasted until the mid-1970s though Brötzmann and Bennink continued to play and record as a duo, and in other combinations, after this time. A group with Harry Miller and Louis Moholo continued the trio format though was cut short by Miller's early death.

Today I present to Peter Brötzmann Trio with Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone and Han Bennink, drums and percussion. The concert was held in Berlin at the famous Quasimodo 14 January in 1985. This event in two long sets, was never officially recorded, and was placed on the DIME and Ubu Roi (post from Monday, May 11, 2009, -FLAC). Otherwise, I would recommend this blog, a few months back again is activated:

I got this gig from my friend Martin five years ago, recorded on tape. I fixed the sound quality (eliminate noise), designed the new cover and now is before you in the form of albums, and in my collection is in the department of "Private recording", catalog # / DP-0803.

I am sure this is fantastic concert and deserves our attention again. Enjoy.

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  1. PETER BRÖTZMANN, ALBERT MANGELSDORFF, HAN BENNINK – Live In Quasimodo, Berlin 1985 (Set1 / Set2 on 2CD)



  2. Thank you for posting this. I really look forward to hearing it.

    I have seen Brotzmann many times. A few of which were in duos with Han Bennink. It is always great to see them together.

    I know that Brotzmann will be touring this spring with Hamid Drake and William Parker. Anyone interested should check the Eremite web-site. Eremite has been working with Brotzmann for years doing limited edition C.D.s won the re-activated Bro label. These are mostly sold at the gigs, but they do sell some to the Downtown Music Gallery if you are looking for them. There are two discs with the duo with Bennink available.

  3. Many thanks, Vitko. Excellent line-up, cool music!

  4. Thank you. I am thick, but I cannot find a way to purchase this recording or to play in on line. Can you help? The gigs with Drake and Parker will be stellar.

  5. any possibility to up in lossless?//
    thanks in advance

  6. Thanks! Great music and great photos too.

  7. Any chance of re-uping this one?