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TERUHISA FUKUDA – Shakuhachi - Kinko School (2003)

Label: Ocora – OCR560184 - 1
Format: CD, Album; Country: France - Released: 2003
Style: Ethnic, Shakuhachi
Recorded at Radio France, Paris, June 2003
Japon - Teruhisa Fukuda, Shakuhachi, Kinko School
Performed by : Fukuda, Teruhisa
Publisher : Editions Radio France

Teruhisa Fukuda performing six of the most representative pieces of Kinko School, developed in the 18th century from traditions of itinerant komusô zen monks for whom enlightenment could be reached through the sound of the shakuhachi flute.


1. Hifumi Hachigaeshi no Shirabe . . 9:27
    (Hifumi introduction - Hachigaeshi. Introduction piece)
2. Mukaiji Reibo . . 12:03
    (Spiritual quest - Hazy sea. A metaphorical allusion to human existence)
3. Koku Reibo . . 13:52
    (Spiritual quest for vacuity. This piece is about the search for a convergence of
     spirituality and music)
4. Shin Kyorei / Banshiki . . 18:00
    (Soul - Vacuity with a Banshiki introduction. In a Zen-doctrine sense)
5. Sokaku Reibo . . 10:38
    (Spiritual quest - Nesting cranes. This piece is a symbol of parental love for one's
6. Yobikaeshi Shika no Tone . . 8:40
    (Stag-calls in the distance. This piece is a symbol of human love)

TERUHISA FUKUDA was born in 1949 in Nagano Prefecture. He studied shakuhachi with Baizan Nakamura and Miyata Kohachiro. He is a member of the Pro Musica Nipponia and master teacher working to free the shakuhachi from its strict traditional setting.

He has performed with numerous famous Japanese orchestras including the NHK Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed at prestigious performances sponsored by famous groups like the National Theater, New Nippon Steel Culture Foundation, and Musical Foundation for Modern Music, Japan Federation of Composers, Orchestra Project and NHK.

Fukuda-sensei is a member of the Pro Musica Nipponiais and director of La Voie du Bambou in Paris, France.

Relax and enjoy.

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  1. TERUHISA FUKUDA – Shakuhachi - Kinko School (2003)


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