Thursday, October 30, 2014

ANTHONY DAVIS / JAMES NEWTON / ABDUL WADUD – I've Known Rivers (LP-1982, Gramavision)

Label: Gramavision – GR-8201
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album / Country: US / Released: 1982
Style: Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz
Recorded and mixed at Vanguard Studios, New York April 1982.
Artwork [Front Cover] – William Pajaud
Design – Neal Pozner
Engineer – John Kilgore
Mastered By – Bob Ludwig
Photography By – Deborah Feingold
Producer – Jonathan F. P. Rose

A1 - Juneteenth (Newton) . . . 5:09
A2 - Still Waters (Davis) . . . 18:12
B1 - After You Said Yes (Newton) . . . 9:47
B2 - Tawaafa (Wadud) . . . 9:15

Anthony Davis – piano
James Newton – flute
Adbul Wadud – drums, percussion

All songs written by Anthony Davis, James Newton or Abdul Wadud. Contains the poem "I've Known River" by Langston Hughes. This combination of musicians works very well. The trio of pianist Anthony Davis, flutist James Newton, and cellist Abdul Wadud are all grounded in the jazz tradition, yet are very adventurous players who are quite versatile. Although the four originals are often complex (and sometimes tightly structured), the players sound quite spontaneous and inspired. Recommended.
_ Review by Scott Yanow

If you find it, buy this album!


    Vinyl Rip + Artwork


  2. ..and another one by Newton that never made it to digital format officially. Thank you, Vitko!

  3. Thanx!!! I've been looking in vain for Gramavision-rereleases many times. Very welcome. And I would love the great records for the label by John Carter, Bob Moses, Billy Hart as well :-)

  4. Gramavision again!

    Yay for bringing them out!
    Boo for not reissuing on CD!

  5. very nice vitko. actually this was reissued by gramavision in 1989. i have a copy of the cd. very good music.

  6. Great one. I have the Gramavision Bob Moses discs (among many others from the label) posted here:

  7. Okay: Boo for not bringing them out long enough and wide enough for me to find them! :-)

    Seriously, lots of the Gramavision discs these days are not findable. I'm very very grateful to the people who upload them. Now I can play (again) the Tacuma and Carter favorites, which were frustrated, longing for, a long long time. (I can't sometimes communicate because of my stroke. Sorry about that.)

    1. Do not worry Scraps, real enthusiasts can does recognize and then when do not speak :)
      All the best. V

    2. now you're talking scraps! running editions of 1000-5000 copies doesn't satisfy a worldwide community. but it is a business first for record companies and jazz only accounts for 2-3% of the total market so we're not catered to. the large companies try to elevate the quality of their catalog but if the sales don't generate enough profit they cut off the funds. that's what happened to gramavision when rycodisc pulled the plug. if more money were to be funded to the arts community we wouldn't have such a shortage of great music. thanks to vitko and others on the net the music can still be circulated, even if only in digital form. peace.

  8. Thanks for these Anthony Davis recordings. Really nice music!