Thursday, October 30, 2014

JAMES NEWTON – Water Mystery (LP-1985, Gramavision)

Label: Gramavision – 18-8407-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album / Country: US / Released: 1986
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, Avant-garde Jazz
Recorded at Mad Hatter Studios, Hollywood, California, January 1985.
Design – Neal Pozner
Engineer – Bernie Kirsch
Produced By – James Newton
Cover Art: St. Prosper – by Catharine Warren courtesy of the LIGHT Gallery

A1 - Star Crossed Lovers . . . 3:33
A2 - Lone Hill . . . 10:41
A3 - The Crips . . . 7:58
B1 - Water Mystery . . . 8:56
B2 - One For Strayhorn . . . 5:18
B3 - Dance Steps . . . 5:24

James Newton - flute
Charles Owens - English horn, soprano sax
John Carter – clarinet
April Aoki – harp
Allan Iwohara - koto
Red Callender - tuba
Greg Martin - oboe
John Nunez - bassoon
Roberto Miranda - bass
Anthony Brown – percussion

The five musicians of James Newton's wind ensemble featured on The Mystery School in 1982 (flutist Newton, bassoonist John Nunez, Charles Owens on English horn and soprano, clarinetist John Carter and Red Callender on tuba) are joined by oboist Greg Martin, bassist Roberto Miranda, percussionist Anthony Brown, April Aoki on harp and Allan Iwohara on koto for a rather colorful set. There are two tributes to Billy Strayhorn (including a version of "Star Crossed Lovers"), one for George Russell, a remake of "The Crips" and a pair of features for the koto. A very interesting program of adventurous yet quite logical explorations.
_ Review by Scott Yanow

If you find it, buy this album!


  1. JAMES NEWTON - Water Mystery (LP-1985)
    Vinyl Rip + Artwork


  2. One of the many albums by Newton that never saw an official digital release, AFAIK. Thank you, Vitko!

  3. Thanks for making this available, Vitko - like -Otto- said, without the labour of love of ripping such old vinyl records, the music would be simply lost! Many Gramavision LP's never found their way to CD's - and even the CD's are long out of print and hard to find. Posted one myself recently:


  4. Thanx! Gramavision - can't get enough of those

  5. Many thanks, Vitko! Never hear this Newton's album...

  6. Hey Vitko! Ditto to Lucky's comments on this rare gem! Very nice thanks for the listen.

  7. very good. i searched for this for a long time. thank you.

  8. Thank you. One year after posting this gem, I found that!

  9. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks.....I see there was a previous request but no reply......would be nice to hear this one!

  10. Please dont keep us waiting too long! You can always contact me and send me a file....hint hint...

  11. I would also be very interested and thankful for a re-up. I'm looking for a digital version of "The Mystery School" too, cause I don't have a vinyl-player and there seems to be no CD-version as well.

  12. James Newton - Portraits (1982), with Cecil McBee and Philip Wison, would be wonderful!

  13. I agree, it would be great, maybe one day ...