Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jazz Masters Open Book Collection – Placard No.5 - 2008

Graphic Design:
Placard No.5 – Jazz Masters Open Book Collection 2008
Theme: Hydrophonic Jazz – Ode To A Lake Sturgeon
Design by ART&JAZZ Studio SALVARICA – 2008
Artwork and Complete Design by Vitko Salvarica


„And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.“
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Welcome to new prog-blog "Different Perspectives In My Room...!".
Enjoy the music, and please leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

Regards, Vitko


  1. Congrats on a great blog, your posts on Kaufmann
    Ullmann,a welcome add to all sound aficionados.
    the design of placard no.5, well, really submarine
    is this a collage? photo and .....

    Thanks again and the best for you


    1. Hi Juan,

      In the background is the bus parking photographed through a wet window. I upgraded over that drawing, collage supplemented by parts and other elements of the application owe some graphics techniques ... etc.. In fact, everything seems like it's under water, and yet it is not, just an ordinary parking lot for buses.

      I'm glad you're satisfied with this blog.