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HANS KOLLER & WOLFGANG DAUNER – Free Sound & Super Brass (LP-1976)

Label: MPS Records – 68.109, MPS Records – MPS 15.461
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album; Country: Germany - Released: 1976
Style: Avant-garde Jazz, Free, Big Band
Recorded live at Audimax Techn. Universitat, Vienna, Oct. 4, 1975.
Design [Cover Design] – Rolf Becker
Photography By – Hans Koller
Producer – Willi Fruth

Hans Koller - sopranino, soprano sax, co-leader
Wolfgang Dauner - keyboards, co-leader
Robert Demmer, Friedrich Hujer, Conny Jackel, Herbert Joos, Ernst Lamprecht, Robert Politzer, Kenny Wheeler
Roy Deuvall, Garney Hicks, Erich Kleinschuster, Albert Mangelsdorff
Rudolf Josel - bass trombone
Günter Lenz - e-bass
Janusz Stefanski - drums

Hans Koller was based in Hamburg through the 1960s, working as musical director of the city's Schauspielhaus at the decade's end. In 1970 he returned to his hometown of Vienna and began exploring free jazz with Wolfgang Dauner in his Free Sound Ensemble (Free Sound and Super Brass, 1975, MPS). Koller's subsequent projects included duos, the brass ensemble International Brass Company, mainstream combos, and an all-sax unit. He occasionally worked on interdisciplinary projects as well, like his 1968 ballet, New York City.

An intriguing composer and ambitious pianist, German musician Wolfgang Dauner has combined jazz, rock, electronic music, and elements of opera and theater in creating broad- based, ranging works. While at times these compositions may seem too far-reaching, Dauner's best work shows the links between idioms and genres and offers provocative musical and cultural concepts. He studied trumpet, piano, and composition at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart, then joined Joki Freund's sextet in the early '60s. Dauner appeared at several German festivals, then made his recording debut heading a trio in 1964. It was one of the first European free jazz recording sessions. Dauner led Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart and wrote compositions for them in 1969. He formed the jazz-rock band Et Cetera in 1970, then, with Hans Koller, co-led the Free Sound & Super Brass Big Band. He helped organize the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble in 1975, and began featuring theater, opera, and dance segments along with his performances in '70s and '80s concerts.

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  1. HANS KOLLER & WOLFGANG DAUNER – Free Sound & Super Brass (LP-1976)
    Vinyl Rip – MP3@320+Artwork



  2. Well Vitko . . . you posted this three days ago and no feedback . . . I admire your taste and efforts as well as the talent of those on this recording [esp. Kenny Wheeler] So, I must have a listen. Thank you as always Vitko from those of us out here in the jazz world in "cultural wastelands" like West Texas who rely on you and others in this big wide world to clue us in to these amazing tunes. Your efforts are much appreciated!!!!

    1. WOW! More on this since I have had a chance to listen. AMAZING album! This really hits my sweet spot I must say. It is a great deal of brass and there is a free element to the arrangements with soloists on top. It reminds me of what Stan Kenton might have been like had he hung with these guys in Northern Europe in the 70s. Thanks Vitko!

  3. Thank you steve,
    This one is a very rare recording of the concert Hans Koller and Wolfgang Dauner from that period, and to my knowledge was recorded only on vinyl. A large number of downloads tells me that many recognize its value, but ..........?!
    Thank you once again and I'm glad you're enjoying the music whom you can find on this blog.

  4. pretty intriguing stuff with a funky flavour, thanks much, Vitko!


  5. thank´s , any chance of this one JOKI FREUND SEXTET - YOGI JAZZ?
    with:Joki Freund (arranger, leader, tr & sp sax)
    Emil Mangelsdorff (alto sax, flute)
    Wolfgang Dauner (piano)
    Eberhard Weber (bass)
    Karl Theodor Geier (bass)
    Peter Baumeister (drums)
    Nov. 20, 1963

  6. Many thanks for this one. Great music. Any chance to get hold of the other titles from this performance?
    Greetings jazzrealities
    see blog

  7. Doesn't come much better than that! Many thanks for sharing it :)

  8. Music that brings pleasure. Thanks Vitko.