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CHARLES GAYLE QUARTET – Vol 2 - Raining Fire (1994)

Label: Silkheart – SHCD 137
Format: CD, Album; Country: Sweden - Released: 1994
Style: Free Jazz
Recorded at the House of Music, Studio A, West Orange; N.J. on January 21 and 22, 1993.
Artwork [Cover Art] – Ulf Rollof
Design, Layout – Jörgen Renhorn
Edited By – Allan Tucker
Executive Producer – Keith Knox
Photography By [Booklet Photographs] – Ruth Davis
Photography By [Kylrock] – Lars Gustafsson
Recorded By – Nicholas Prout
Recorded By [Assisted By], Edited By [Assisted By] – Nelson Ayres

The companion CD to Vol. 1: Translations, this explosive set has tenor saxophonist Charles Gayle also heard a bit on bass clarinet (for "Blood's Finality") and viola, while joined by bassists William Parker (also playing cello and violin) and Vattel Cherry plus drummer Michael Wimberly.

 Vattel Cherry
 Michael Wimberly

"The all-out assaults of his earlier sessions gives way here to a more open rhythmic sensibility. Gayle's playing takes on an emotionally incantatory urgency here over the shifting layers of dual basses and Wimberly's tumbling, flexible attack. Raining Fire is the more fiery of the two CDs, from the opening blasting hurricane charge through In Christ with Gayle's most incendiary playing of the two. Translations (Silkheart 134) and Raining Fire are welcome additions to Gayle's growing discography, documenting Gayle's uncompromising intensity and continued growth."

_ By MICHAEL ROSENSTEIN, Cadence, November 1994

These sessions were considered so successful that this quartet became Gayle's regular group for a time. The music is unremittingly intense with Gayle screaming a lot in spots, although the sections with strings are at a quieter volume. Charles Gayle's mostly free-form music is certainly not for everyone, but fans of his passionate explorations will want all of his chance-taking and very heartfelt efforts.

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  1. CHARLES GAYLE QUARTET – Vol 2 - Raining Fire (1994)



  2. Thanks Vitko . . . I have othe Gayle but these are new to me!

  3. There are not many gigs where Gayle experiment with two bass musicians, who make delightful chaos with acoustic bass, cello and violin. It's beautiful!