Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Different Perspectives In My Room ...!" today celebrates its first birthday

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"Different Perspectives In My Room ...!" today celebrates its first birthday 
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My dear friends, today, the blog "Different Perspectives In My Room...!" celebrates its first year of existence. Thank you for your support, and an incredibly large number of visitors to this site talking about an enviable popularity. I could not imagine that it would happen so quickly.

This opportunity to thank especially Uri, who once cold the February evening, explained to me how to set up my first post on the then legendary and, in my opinion, the best blog "A Darker Shade Of Blue", which is the 8th of August last year, hooligans wiped out, destroyed, broken to pieces that are no longer able to compile. Uri and Ground Rules, I wish you all the best.

In the past year, there were 190 posts, I tried to be good quality, generally, free jazz, focused mainly in Europe and the two large city, London and Berlin, without neglecting the musicians similar determination from the U.S. and other parts of the world. So it will be in the future, and you can contact me if you have a desire or suggestion. Without hesitation, please!

And of course, do not be lazy, leave a few more comments behind yourself, I'm doing this for you, and it is good to know your opinion. (Happy, or not) :)

Regards, Vitko


  1. congratulations
    and long life to your blog
    I have your taste in music, and if I missed a few discs I'm glad to find it here
    best regards

  2. All the best for you and thank you for this blog. regards

  3. Hi Vitko.

    Congratulations for your great blog, I'm really happy that you continue the great work you've done on our above mentioned defunct A Darker Shade Of Blue blog.
    Although some of the stuff that you post is bit "too free" to my own taste, the overall impact of the blog is great and I enjoy my daily visits to your blog.
    So keep up the good job.
    All the best.

  4. Thanks for sharing all this incredible gems...
    You have the good stuff!
    Keep up the good work.Long live!

  5. Happy birthday, DPIMR! We love you!

  6. Congrats Vitko and many thanks from Tejas! Keep up the good work and we will continue to encourage you!

  7. A very happy day for you. A wonderful year for us. Here's to many more! And thank you so so much.

  8. Happy birthday!
    And Thanks for sharing!

  9. ....and a thanks from me!

  10. Thank you for establishing this musical lifeline.

  11. Congratulations Vitko - a wonderful year of mind-expanding music and a joy to visit. Music and art!

    As ever - thank you.

  12. Hi Vitko,
    congratulations and thanks for this year full of beautiful music.
    Best wishes and let´s go for many years more.


  13. Congratulations. I wish I had more time to comment on every post on this blog wich is amazing and full of quality and above all THANKS for all the great stuff you share with us hungry minded music lovers. Again, Thanks.

  14. Congratulations, Gratulieren, felicitaciones Vitko for sharing so great musicians and albums.

    my best regards, K.

  15. I thank you all for your good wishes, stay still on the pages blog "Different Perspectives In My Room", I promise, you'll find here very exciting jazz.
    And of course, from time to time buy the album in the store, in this manner you will help musicians, and you'll have a better listening pleasure.

    Regards, V