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X-COMMUNICATION (Martin Schütz / Hans Koch) – X-Communication (1991)

Label: FMP – FMP CD 33
Format: CD, Album; Country: Germany - Released: 1991
Style: Free Improvisation
Track 1 recorded on November 3, 1990 during the 'Total Music Meeting' at the 'Quartier Latin', Berlin.
Track 2 recorded on December 15, 1990 at the Von-der-Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal. (This recording was commissioned by the Westgerman Radio/WDR-Köln).
First published in May 1991
Music By [All Music By] – X-Communication
Painting [Drawing] – Hal Foster; Photography By – Dagmar Gebers
Producer – Jost Gebers

                                                                                                         Hans Koch

X-Communication is a band that is not a band, a group of improvisers who come together to play concerts once in a while and hopefully document them with a recording or two, like this one. With Schutz and Reichel you have a strong component, in Morris you have a brass component, with Koch you have reeds which brings drummer Paul Lovens into the fold, along with vocalist extraordinaire Shelley Hirsch, violinist Jason Hwang, and trombonist Dino Deane.

                                                                                                    Shelley Hirsch

                                                                                                     Martin Schütz

There is no comprise in the music played by X-Communication. This is a group that looks for freedom at every turn, every window, and every pace. They look to turn each musician loose from the ensemble to explore with the support of the ensemble whatever it is she or he feels compelled to journey toward. The manner in which this group communicates its findings is for an entire article perhaps to discuss. The sounds, tones, textures, and timbral relationships encountered here are unique to this band; they have not been touched on before, and they will not be encountered again. These colors, so many shades of the dark, are beautiful to hear, to feel, and internalize. That they are beyond rational sense and discussion, and are facts worth celebrating.

 ~ by Thom Jurek

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  2. Thanks! Never hear it before. Very interest music

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