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KEITH TIPPETT SEPTET – A Loose Kite In A Gentle Wind Floating With Only My Will For An Anchor (1986)

For friends, Andy and ceedee - (Vinyl Rip)

Label: Ogun – OGD 007/008
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Gatefold; Country: UK - Released: 1986
(Reissued CD: 2009) 
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded live at the Barnfield Theatre Exeter, on 25th October 1984.
Concert organizers: Nod Knowles and Martin Phillips
Design, Layout – Hazel Miller, Keith Tippett
Re-Design by ART&JAZZ Studio
Edited By – Keith Beal, Keith Tippett
Photography By – Fabio Nosotti, Geoff Collins, Jak Kilby, Julie Tippetts
Producer – Eric Wetherell, Keith Beal, Keith Tippett

Keith Tippet's Septet with Larry Stabbins, Elton Dean, Nick Evans, Tony Levin, Paul Rogers and Mark Charig, was put together in 1984 to play a new suite inspired by the writing of Maya Angelou. This obscure gem is the only document of the project, from a live performance in Exeter in 1984, here issued by Ogun to bring this remarkable project to light.

BBC Review:
One of the best jazz reissues of the year. - ( )

Keith Tippett's brilliance as both composer and pianist has long been established through a dazzling back catalogue of long-form epics such as Septober Energy and Frames as well as more intimate and impressionistic outfits such as Ovary Lodge and Mujician.

Over the last forty years his dogged determination to continue creating exciting and ingenious musical settings have been captured in an occasional series of records whose availability has always been subject to the often indifferent whims of the marketplace.

Originally issued in 1986 as a double album, A Loose Kite... finally makes its CD debut and allows us to relive a truly superb septet getting their collective teeth into Tippett's intricate charts and sweeping arrangements.

Drawing conceptual inspiration from writer Maya Angelou, his effusive settings provide his players with both the space and the springboard from which to launch a series of invigorating broadsides.

Mark Charig's fiery brand of piquant lyricism on the cornet blasts and bellows with a tireless invention, whilst trombonist Nick Evans' constantly pushes the music like some belligerent bouncer intent picking a fight.

Larry Stabbins and Elton Dean sax playing is propelled into a series of splenetic duels across the length and breadth of this four-part suite, with Tippett and rhythm section of Paul Rogers (bass) and Tony Levin (drums) providing the contextual glue that holds it all together.

The album portrays the yin and yang of Tippett's sure-handed discipline and his artistic restlessness. His love of a good tune allied to his capacity to mix it up with edgy, free-form expressiveness makes this one of the best jazz reissues of the year.

_by Sid Smith (2009-06-10)

Always cool and always brilliant, my favorite, Larry Stabbins

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  1. KEITH TIPPETT SEPTET - A Loose Kite In A Gentle Wind Floating With Only My Will For An Anchor (2LP-1986)

    Vinyl Rip - MP3@320+Cover



  2. Thanks, Vitko! Appreciate it!

    1. I think this is an exceptional album, enjoy the music and welcome to this site.

  3. Many thanks for this Vitko. it's really appreciated. I've never heard this one before - great stuff.

  4. Had a proper listen at last. You're right about Stabbins, he's terrific (and right in the middle of his Working Week outings too). But I thought both Evans and, particularly, Charig were dynamite.

    A real pleasure. Thanks again Vitko.

    1. I am glad that this gives you so much pleasure, and of course, you know the right way to listen.

      My love to Jazz came is across the progressive and psychedelic period, and among other bands, I loved King Crimson and Soft Machine. I do not know how old you, so I'm not sure how you know, but all these monsters of jazz (Keith Tippett, Elton Dean, Nick Evans, Mark Charig etc) you can listen on the best albums of these bands. Keith Tippett played keyboards on four, in my opinion, the best Crimson albums (1970-74).

      Listen: King Crimson - Lizard (1970)
      - Robert Fripp - guitar, mellotron, electric keyboards and devices
      - Gordon Haskell - bass guitar, vocals
      - Mel Collins - saxophone, flute
      - Andy McCulloch - drums
      - Peter Sinfield - words, VCS3, pictures
      - Keith Tippett - piano, electric piano
      - Robin Miller - oboe, cor anglais
      - Mark Charig - cornet
      - Nick Evans - trombone

      Here, there are all three in one place. (If you have no albums of these bands, I'll send them).


  5. Thank you Vitko, that's much appreciated. Here's a little something recent by Larry Stabbins from a concert in Nov 2012, broadcast by BBC, Radio 3.

    1. Thank you very much Andy.
      Larry Stabbins ’Transcendental’ is an album that finds one of British Jazz’s most enduring voices exploring his own musical past while saying something new about the enduring legacy of the Spirtitual/ Soul jazz of John Coltrane and his followers. Nice and refreshing.

  6. thanks for this, I didn't know it, and it's a great line-up.

  7. Once again, Many Thanks!!!