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RUF DER HEIMAT – Erste Heimat (1995)

Label: Konnex Records – KCD 5067
Format: CD, Album; Country: Germany - Released: 1995
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded in public at Kulturhaus Peter Edel, Berlin 1st February 1995.
Mixed By – Tom Müller
Producer – Manfred Schiek
Recorded By – Julius Krebs


It bursts forth. Sound Awesome. As a pressure wave. The Ego and the Id and the We. "Ruf der Heimat" (Call of the Homeland) leaves a collective sentiments are awakened that has nothing to do with the division of labor handicrafts.
The energy flux of the game developed their own forms. Great suspense and intricate engravings of powerful pieces of music thrown into the arena. An archaic ritual, however a bid for utopia.
Finally totally present: the immediacy of playing music, the music-making. Physical directness and emotional outcry, pain and pleasure from the moment of creation.
True to the tradition of the "sound of the cry," the Jazz as a life and survival medium. Loudly personal setting to official announcements. Opposition and self-assertion without protection.
Heimat probably means forever "more less and less concrete Geography. If it ever makes sense to interpret the group name, topic, would be to ask the association areas of the Heimat musical, for roots in jazz tradition and the branches in a thicket of free improvisation.
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, to the sound of jazz has been challenged in the fifties may farthest back and still in close touch with Thomas Borgmann, the younger, both views before.
They all, including Christoph Winckel and Willi Kellers came into the turbulence of free jazz to new inputs and prospects. Broken game and experience wholeness. Confidence in the unreserved self-expression. In the power to make the moment. In the ability to respond to the Ruf. Not as an echo, but with their own voices and their own songs on their lips.
Even the winds make the rhythm in this quartet, sing the bass and drums and screaming. In the spectrum of Holzblaskombinationen the ballad comes as the association field as the study material.
The narrative gesture, like the sound collage. Heimat lines lead back to the heated years of upheaval and the black liberation processes of European jazz. Emancipation with consequences.
Free Jazz is not a dirty word and without the prefix "post-". Rear and advance grip. Current music that requires neither an explanation nor a justification. Music is burning their hot breath on your skin.


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