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Label: FMR Records – FMR CD 243-0807
Format: CD, Album; Country: UK - Released: 2006
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded at University of West England, Bristol on 25th April 2006.
Design [Cd Design] – Ewan Rigg, Trevor Taylor
Re Design (pages 2,3,4) by ART&JAZZ Studio
Engineer – Stephen Allan
Producer – Trevor Taylor

Featuring Paul Dunmall on tenor & soprano sax, Paul Rogers of 7-string contrabass and Mark Sanders on drums. Although, multi-stylistic drum wiz, Mark Sanders, has played on some half dozen discs by Paul Dunmall (and Evan Parker, Elton Dean & Jah Wobble), this is the first recording by this particular dynamic, all-star trio. This disc was recorded at the University of West England in Bristol in April of 2006.

The first of three long pieces here, "Deep Whole," has a marvelous sound/blend. Dunmall's warm, earthy Trane-like tone on tenor is a perfect foil for Roger's immense and cosmic-toned bowed bass. Mark Sanders also sounds like the perfect choice as he spins his rhythmic web balancing the sax and bass with care, craft and creative support. There is an amazing tenor and drums duo section where the tempo and excitement increases together. When the bass soon enters, the trio escalates to a higher level. There is a beautifully plucked bass solo from Rogers which brings the trio to a more peaceful and lovely place or space. I find this entire disc to be quite perfect on all counts: everything flows just right (organically), there is a superb balance of incredible solos and telepathic ensemble work.

If this is not thee CD of the year, then it is pretty f*cking close! Five stars! - BLG

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    Thanks for your kind shares. I have a couple of OOP Duns Limited Edition releases that I could pass on to you if interested, including the Nimes and Deep Joy 4-CD sets. I think they should be saved for posterity, as CDRs are a considerably frail and finite medium. Let me know.

    1. Hi unknown,

      These are two gems that probably everyone would like to have in your collection. Thank you for your generosity, but we have to respect some rules. These are strictly limited and therefore protected editions of the author. Since I primarily respect musicians and their art work, I think it would not be fair without their permission to set up here and let that multiplies uncontrollably in who knows how many copies. A big thank you once again, I know you had the best intentions.

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