Monday, December 19, 2016

ANIMA – Anima (LP-1972 / Pilz Rec. – 20 29097-2)

Label: Pilz – 20 29097-2
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album / Country: Germany / Released: 1972
Style: Free Improvisation, Experimental, Krautrock, Free Jazz
Recorded at Neues Arri, München 1972.
Design [Cover Design] – Michael Fessel
Engineer [Sound] – Dieter Dierks
Producer – Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser
Pilz it's the German progressive label  run by BASF Musikproduktion under the initial direction of Jürgen Schmeisser, subsequently directed by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser.
Liner Notes – Friedrich Gulda, J.A. Rettenbacher, Limpe Fuchs, Paul Fuchs
Written-By – Gulda, Rettenbacher, Limpe Fuchs, Paul Fuchs
Matrix / Runout (Side A): 1P 2029097-2 A SST
Matrix / Runout (Side B): 1P 2029097-2 B II SST

A - Meeting In The Studio .............................................................. 20:35
B - Anima-Live ............................................................................... 27:25

Limpe Fuchs – vocals [stimme], zither [Fußzither], electronics, 
                         percussion [diverse percussioninstrumente]
Paul Fuchs – horn [Fuchshorn], performer [schilfzinken, klangbleche], vocals [stimme], 
                      electronics, percussion [diverse percussioninstrumente]
Friedrich Gulda – piano
J.A. Rettenbacher – bass

The music contained herein is totally improvised. Nothing has been premeditated or decided beforehand.
On the back cover composition credits are given the individual members, but on the labels it    is credited to Anima.
On the back cover is written "Anima-LP". This does not appear anywhere else (spine, label, front cover) so it does not appear to be an album title.

Limpe Fuchs (she was born 1941 in Munich) is a German composer, performance and sound artist.
At the age of 12 she received her first piano lessons. After graduating from high school she studied classical music right up to the artistic examination, later percussion with Prof. Hans Hölzl.
At the beginning of the 1970s she began to develop her own instruments of wood, metal or stone with Paul Fuchs. They founded the group Anima, who quickly made a name for himself in the German music scene. At the end of the 1980s the group dissolved. Limpe Fuchs also worked with famous musicians such as Friedrich Gulda, Hans Rettenbacher, Theo Jörg.

Paul Fuchs (born 1936, in Munich) is best known as the husband Limpe Fuchs and fusion duo Anima. With Anima he expanded his instrumental repertoire by inventing a whole range of bizarre instruments, like the notorious Fuchshorn, and increasingly a unique range of sound sculptures and percussion instruments.

The 'Anima' sound was extreme for sure: a very spontaneous music, close to extreme free jazz, but lacking the academic approach of this genre. Paul And Limpe Fuchs' (aka Anima Sound) music was more primitive in a way, full of screams, goons, weird sounds and much percussion. For this reason  their album Sturmischer Himmel isn't exactly everybody's taste! This was one of the few Ohr albums to have a standard (non fold-out) cover. Their very rare second album Musik Für Alle (LP-1971, soon on this blog) contained two further improvised cuts. The duo was later joined by Friedrich Gulda and J.A. Rettenbacher for the group Anima, to record an album for Pilz in 1972.


If you find it, buy this album!


  1. ANIMA – Anima (LP-1972)
    Vinyl Rip/FLAC+Artwork


    1. Very strange experience. I needed a couple of listening, and with each new listening I was getting better. Thank you Vitko.

  2. Thanks for sharing Vitko. Everything is happening during of these seventies, this is something I have not heard yet.

    unruly hawk

  3. This German pair is very strange. It's not all to my taste, but every honor musicians. Playing something like this forty years ago and more....?... Hats off.

  4. Incredibly. Friedrich Gulda is a master for respect.
    Thanks Vitko.

  5. One of Gulda's attempts in contemporary music. Somewhat successful, I'd say. And Rettenbacher on bass helped keep it all together. Thanks, Vitko!